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Do Your Eyes Tell A Story?

Do Your Eyes Tell A Story?

So many thoughts come to mind when we talk about our eyes. For centuries; in love stories, mythology and yes, even in business, entire versions of “truth” have been related to the expressions in our eyes. You may be familiar with these common refrains, that the eyes are the “windows to the soul,” or that in business, we “should make eye contact to gain trust.” Of course it’s also true that love sonnets attributing beauty and mystery to the eyes abound. What is the story your eyes are telling the world? If you aren’t pleased with that story, it might be time to change the ending to a happy one with an eye care regime that’s proven by science.

The truth is life takes a toll on our eyes. In a busy corporate world we’re often up at the crack of dawn, commuting, working and managing a family and dropping into bed late in evening only to hit repeat again the next day. Finding time for a skin care routine can be a challenge. At skinbetter Science we recognize people lead busy lives but we also know the importance of good skin care too. That’s why we’ve made it easier for you. skinbetter Science InterFuse® Treatment Cream Eye and Instant Effect Gel are the solutions you need for better, easier and more reliable results for the sensitive skin around your eyes.

Our Cream Rewrites Your Story!

Change your story with these two ground-breaking products. The first is our award winning “game-changer,” the InterFuse® Treatment Cream for Eyes:

  • Wrinkles are diminished, under eye puffiness virtually disappears and crows feet become nothing but a footnote to your story.
  • Proprietary blends of natural ingredients like Vitamin C and Caffeine are formulated together with neuro-calming peptides and a highly specialized yeast derivative that work together to reduce the common complaints many women have around the appearance of “bags” or puffiness under the eye.
  • It reduces dryness by locking in moisture and lightens and brightens too.
  • You’ll find our list of ingredients (for every product) on our website because at skinbetter Science we have nothing to hide. Many of our products feature naturally sourced ingredients, augmented by science with years of research supporting our product development processes.
  • Used in the morning and again at night, InterFuse® Treatment Cream for the eye is simple and effective with an almost immediate relaxing effect on the delicate skin around your eyes.

Our Gel is Powerful, Offering Resiliency!

If you want to truly attract attention to those beautiful “peepers” of yours, consider also adding Instant Effect Gel to your eye care routine. Talk about refreshing!

  • This gel offers resiliency and let’s be real – YOU are the very definition of resilient! Working hard or playing hard, your eyes need to keep up with you and our Instant Effect Gel immediately works to soothe, calm and also reinvigorate!
  • It offers a “best in class” feeling of instant firmness, improving the look and feel of tightness around the eyes.
  • It helps to reduce the appearance of under eye bags, the bane of our existence especially when we are particularly tired. Offering an instant boost, used in either the morning or evening, it even feels good as you apply it with our stainless steel rollerball applicator. Use it to apply the gel in small circular motions, giving the eye area a gentle “massage” while rehydrating your skin!
  • Once again relying on nature, this gel includes a combination of green coffee that energizes, an algae blend together with botanical extracts that work synergistically to reduce under eye puffiness and the key ingredient of sodium hyaluronate that helps retain moisture all day (or all night) long.

If your story isn’t one you’re proud to share with the world, it’s time to change it! skinbetter Science is the result of accomplished science. With rigorous research, a commitment to the chemistry behind great skincare, and real life results visible on our website, we provide real solutions that are remarkably easy to use. Our approach is uncomplicated skin care that you will make time for every day because it won’t take a lot of time out of your day! Start rewriting your story today and let your truth shine through with every gaze and glance you share with the world!