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Hyper Aware Of Hyperpigmentation?

Hyper Aware Of Hyperpigmentation?

Winter can be harsh on anyone’s skin but if you also suffer from hyperpigmentation, which often becomes MORE problematic in the wintertime, SkinBetter Science and their Even-Tone-Correcting Serum is the must have component of your new skin care regime. Even-Tone is the result of dedicated research and cutting edge science resulting in skin formulations that help defy the effects of time. If you’re hyper-aware of hyperpigmentation, or even if you’d just like to improve the overall appearance of skin tone and fine lines, Skinbetter’s Even-Tone Correcting Serum will lighten, brighten, and promote a more radiant you!

Why Even Tone Correcting Serum?

Hyperpigmentation is a concern for many. Perhaps you feel embarrassed by brown spots or discolouration. Maybe you’re dealing with vitilago or suffer from the appearance of yellowing. We know that these conditions can worsen for some people during the cold, dry, wintery days. Brown spots, discolouration and even signs of aging and/or sun damage are all improved with both day and night-time use of Even Tone. Our scientifically researched formulas feature the patented b.r.y.t. complex and contain no retinol or hydroquinone. With regular use it will dramatically break up the appearance of hyperpigmentation, leaving you and your skin feeling great.

You Seek Clarity – We Provide It

Skinbetter Science has published research available to the consumer clearly demonstrating our trials, who takes part in them, our rigorous attention to details like using both control groups and sample study participants – ALL of whom are volunteers. Our results are backed by nurses, physicians, and surgeons, a listing you’ll find on our website.  No significant adverse reactions were reported and at the completion of the trial, 96% of respondents said they would continue to use Even-Tone-Correcting Serum. That same amount saw a reduction in the appearance of darker patches and felt their skin tone had improved while a full 98% reported an improvement in overall skin tone and appearance. Our product is also paraben, fragrance and dye free and non-comodogenic - so - you’ll be receiving clarity in every way: through our proven results, our accessible ingredients list, our study disclosures and in our open, honest and transparent communications with you, our customer.

What You Need To Know:

  • We are 100% science driven skin care specialists whose products are only available through our physician referral partners.*
  • Our science relies on data collection and on healthy, willing volunteers, not on animals! We do not, and never have tested on our furry friends and none of our products contain animal by-products of any kind.
  • Our products are safe to use although we always recommend a trial sized amount be tested first on the inside of your arm or just below your jawline.
  • We use peptides to help encourage skin to rebuild lost collagen.
  • Our ingredients are clearly listed on every product and on our website so you can see for yourself what goes into every formulation. We’ve got nothing to hide but the skin blemishes and fine lines you want to hide!

Skinbetter Science, Clearly Better Skin – Scientifically Guaranteed.

*See our Physicians Page to learn more about how you can purchase Skinbetter Even-Tone Correcting Serum and the entire range of Skinbetter products.