Healthy Minds Club - The Importance of Hydration, For Winter Skin That Is!
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The Importance of Hydration, For Winter Skin That Is!

The Importance of Hydration, For Winter Skin That Is!

Those of us who live in colder climates know how hard winter can be on your skin. The dry, sometimes punishingly cold air literally leaves our skin thirsty for moisture. Factor in most heating systems, that leave homes and condos lacking humidity, and you have an unrelenting recipe for dry skin. That’s ok – Skinbetter has the cure! We know the importance of hydration for winter skin and our specialized line of products are ideal for battling dryness and restoring balance. Now all we need is you and your commitment to a skin care routine that will leave your skin feeling hydrated, all winter long.

Put Your Best Face Forward.

Despite how many layers we wrap ourselves in during the long, dark winter months our face often takes a beating. Even a scarf is typically knotted around our neck, more of a style accessory than a protection against the cold. We tend to forget that hats, mittens and coats keep our head, heart and hands warm but our face is still out there wind whipped or sun kissed, a victim of the elements. Skinbetter, created by a team of science driven skin care specialists, has an answer for your question, “How do I protect my face from the cold, dry winter air?” A scarf for warmth not just for fashion might help but the real answer is, by using our Trio Rebalancing Moisture Treatment for the face.

Trio Rebalancing Moisture Treatment / Face

This anti-aging cream offers all the hydration and none of the weight! Our patented, science-driven ingredients support healthier looking skin by relying on a triple action formula that hydrates the compromised barrier between your face and the elements. Used twice daily, after your normal skin care regime (in the morning and evening) you will notice fine lines, wrinkles and of course, dry skin, visibly diminishes within just two weeks. The result is healthier looking, more radiant skin that will feel naturally supple and smooth.

With ingredients like Salicornia herbacea extract, you can rest assured that our research driven approach to skincare has uncovered many natural sources that enhance all of our product formulations.

Still Dry? Looking for Fast Replenishment on the Go? Try Our Hydration Boosting Cream!

Also for the face, this fast acting cream is a great supplemental source for – as the name implies – BOOSTING your hydration factor! It’s lightweight with a velvety smooth feel and works with any of our skin care regimes. You can apply after treating your skin with our any of our retinoids or exfoliators, or keep it with you at your desk or in your purse for when you feel the need to moisturize on the go. You can literally use it “as needed” and at this time of year you never know when you might need an extra boost to keep you feeling not only moisturized but uplifted too – in spirit! Featuring Jojoba oil and Macadamia Seed oil extracts, Beeswax and more, it is a natural (and remember – lightweight!) opportunity to moisturize your skin any time day or night. Worry less about the elements knowing hydration is in your hands!

No matter what is bringing you down this winter, don’t let dry skin add to your angst. Winter might be harsh but Skinbetter is stronger! Using our Trio Rebalancing Moisture Treatment or the Hydration Boosting Cream is an excellent way to not only restore moisture but to protect your face from the elements too. While we’re at it, we should mention either product can also be used on your neck and décolleté so you have more than just a scarf protecting your neck from the bitter and dry winter weather. Put your best face forward confidant you’ve banished dry skin and boosted your hydration despite whatever Mother Nature has thrown your way!

We’re Skinbetter Science, Clearly Better Skin – Scientifically Guaranteed.