Healthy Minds Club - What Are Antioxidants Anyway and Why Are They A MUST?
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What Are Antioxidants Anyway and Why Are They A MUST?

What Are Antioxidants Anyway and Why Are They A MUST?

Chances are you’ve read the word “antioxidant” more times than you can count and further, you’ve probably just assumed it (or they?) are something good to have, perhaps even a necessary component to achieving great looking skin. You’re NOT wrong! However, do you know what antioxidants really are and WHY they are so important? We often hear a number of terms used to describe effective and excellent skin care products without realizing that we may actually know every little about those terms. That’s why we thought explaining the benefits of antioxidants, just might be the very thing you’d like to know a little more about!

Antioxidants are:

First, in relation to whether an antioxidant is an “it” or a “they,” the correct terminology would probably be “they.” That’s because, antioxidants are considered compounds, (note the plural) and their role is to “inhibit oxidation.”

What is oxidation and why do I need to inhibit it?

Oxidation is actually a chemical reaction that can produce something referred to as free radicals, and in turn, chain reactions that can damage cells, such as skin cells for example. Since “anti” means to be opposed to or against something, antioxidants, as the name suggests, inhibits (or opposes) these chain reactions.

Free Radicals? Free “What-Now?”

Without going into a lengthy chemical explanation of free radicals, it’s appropriate to simply say that as we age, free radicals can accumulate in cells and they can cause damage to those cells. Excessive stress and even environmental factors can increase the amount of free radicals in our bodies while antioxidants can act as “reducing agents” to limit oxidative damage to biological structures.

That’s your science lesson for the day – now what does it all mean for you and your skin?

Antioxidants include such vitamins as A, C, and E and they can be found in both food and in a variety of industrial settings too. Today, we’re just talking about the use of antioxidants in the cosmetics industry. Here, antioxidants are aimed at helping to reduce damage to skin, and in particular to help reduce inflammation and age-related cell degeneration caused by oxidative stress. According to several sources, including Wikipedia, there are many known benefits of antioxidants for the skin.” These transformative benefits include: moisturizing and brightening of the skin, a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, and the alleviation of inflammation and rosacea. Whether your damaged skin is caused by the ravages of Father Time, too much time in the sun, a harsh winter climate or as a result of enjoying certain foods or beverages in excess; cosmetics that contain antioxidants are specifically designed to help your body heal and even reverse skin cell damage. That’s why antioxidants are a “must” have ingredient when you’re reviewing the labels on your favourite brands.

Speaking of favourites……

Damage at a cellular level impacts both men and women equally. Environmental triggers include pollution and the effects of UV radiation. Anyone spending any amount of time outdoors whether for exercise, enjoyment or both, will potentially experience skin damage. That’s why at Skinbetter Science we’ve created at solution exclusively designed for both men and women. Our Solo Hydrating Defense for men is a ONE STEP daily skincare solution engineered to provide men with a “new level of antioxidant protection,” visibly reducing the appearance of pores and redness, while improving skin texture. It contains an impressive number of known antioxidant properties and natural ingredients including: Coffee Arabica (Coffee) Leaf Cell Extract, and Curcuma Longa (Turmeric) Root Extract. It has been clinically tested for all skin tones and types.  For women, our Alto Defense Serum (Face) boasts an equally impressive array of antioxidant properties (19 in total!) and offers anti-aging benefits too. Creating an antioxidant shield against oxidative stress, it will improve and enhance a more even skin tone, reduce redness and highlight your skin’s natural vitality and radiance. It works best when applied both morning and night and can be used on your face, neck and décolleté.

Skinbetter Science products are truly backed by science. That’s why we shared this short “science lesson” today, because we want you to know and understand the science behind better skin. With knowledge comes power: the power for you to fight the effects of aging, harmful sunlight and even pollution and the power for you to hold, in the palm of your hand, a solution for all your skin care concerns. Antioxidants are a MUST in your fight against the ravages of time and our Alto Defense Serum (Face) for women and Solo Hydrating Defense for Men are full of all the antioxidants you’ll ever need to succeed in the battle for better skin.